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Streak 5 - Jour nuageux

2022.01.22 22:57 Vexashiun Streak 5 - Jour nuageux

Bonjour, je vais considérer hier mon jour de repos, donc je n'ai pas perdu mon streak! De toute façon, j'ai eu une bonne journée pour une grande partie de la journée, j'ai même eu un ami rester la nuit, qui était amusant. Mais, mes colocataires ont ruiné la nuit pour moi. Ils ont été très envahissant de mon temps avec ma amie, et ils ont tous fait certaines choses qui ils ont me dérangé. Et malheureusement, il a affecté mes sentiments aujourd'hui, donc je n'ai pas eu de motivation. De toute façon, ces messages sont devenir un journal apparemment!
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2022.01.22 22:57 Thenamessd [No Spoilers] God King Darius

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2022.01.22 22:57 xdoopdopex X-Men '82: Wolverine

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2022.01.22 22:57 BrokenSpoke1974 KJ jr.

I am considering a KJ jr. but am a little concerned about controlling the temperature.
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2022.01.22 22:57 JewelerHaunting3917 Only 4 clicks for Gospel Topic Essays... Getting better?

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2022.01.22 22:57 NutellaTeen Day 10 of modifying Starwalker: ✨Starslapper✨

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2022.01.22 22:57 thingdudeperson This as low as the bed goes I just got this thing I’ve had a cr10 for a while now never had this issue before so I’m not sure what to do

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2022.01.22 22:57 ednamillion99 ¡Buenas noches, pepinitos lindos! I just made a Tarta de Santiago so I guess I’m going to marry a Baldwin soon ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯

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2022.01.22 22:57 graminivorousduck what should i watch on youtube now

i need other stuff besides what i normally watch
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2022.01.22 22:57 thecirclingfly OSINT digital intelligence

What are some uncommon methods do you know of gathering info of targets?
Any suggesions for softwares used by intelligence and law agencies for investigations and information gathering?
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2022.01.22 22:57 dcmix5 Panel Gaps, Burbank service, nightmare

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2022.01.22 22:57 Urmommasfav Bf mad at me for pulling him?

We were at a baby shower (masks on drop in) and we were getting ready to leave. We stood up together and he stayed standing. I grabbed his arm and kind of directioned him over (obviously he knows where to go) but he didn’t like that I grabbed him. We came home and he was upset saying it was “disrespectful and abusive and it will only get worse”. I started crying after the word abuse was thrown cause I KNOW abuse. I apologized multiple times and layed down. I explained how my body hurts and I’m going to be on my menstrual cycle any day now so my back is killing me. He tells me he’s gonna shower and I take a nap. I wake up a few hours later and he says “going to the boys. Don’t like that you went to sleep. See ya.” And leaves. I’m so hurt and I don’t know what to do. Just feel crappy. Ask questions. Ugh Advice wanted.
TLDR: boyfriend mad cause I grabbed his arm in front of his friends. He feels disrespected and feels abused.
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2022.01.22 22:57 Iapoties Which video game is long overdue for a remaster?

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2022.01.22 22:57 ShabaDabaDo What's your navigation setup?

So I've got the typical Garmin OTDezl 7" gps, and have been supplementing it with TruckerPath on my phone for WeighStation and parking status. Contemplating either going to a larger phone, and larger gps, or simplifying to a single tablet(ipad), or possibly to a galaxy fold.
Anyone use a galaxy fold for their primary nav device using TruckerPath?
I kind of almost want to go back to the free TP though. It's too hard to get to the parking and scale status' while navigating.

Thoughts? What are y'alls setups?
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2022.01.22 22:57 drinkingwithmolotov Today a cat peed on one of my van's wheels. I guess that cat owns the van now. Bold move, cat. Game recognize game.

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2022.01.22 22:57 BubblesRickyJulian01 Switching from Grocery to Specialty

I have been working in grocery at WFM for 2 months. I am interested in applying for an open TM position in Specialty. Do I need to wait 3 months before I am eligible?
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2022.01.22 22:57 purplesoprano Small, lightweight

Priorities (most-least important) 1- small, easy to use with one hand 2- lightweight-- same reason 3- decent camera for family memories 5- not horrible battery life 6- affordable
Best options I've found: iPhone SE (don't really want to switch from Android) Pixel 4A
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2022.01.22 22:57 pingukai [PC] [1990-2000] a clicker game of a girl in a forest

When I was younger I remember that I always saw my sister play this game and tried to play it too, but I never could. the game was about a girl who lived in the middle of the forest and that her only company was a plushie and a strange cat, the game was clicker, that is, interactive, and it was a puzzle!! in one of the stages that I remember that I was very stuck on was one that had colored vines and that had to match a color pattern
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2022.01.22 22:57 Effective-Rip-811 Figure belts and toy belts do you like it?

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2022.01.22 22:57 Tcmosher How do I get my chemistry to 100%? What else matters that I'm not doing?

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2022.01.22 22:57 Seajab 🚞

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2022.01.22 22:57 ghostdabber 23 F looking for new friends from the uk! [chat]

My sleeping pattern is so off at the moment I need some new friends to talk to, I’d prefer if you were from the uk.. so we could actually become friends irl!
I’m into plants, true crime and I watch loads of youtube. Don’t be shy to send me a dm :)))
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2022.01.22 22:57 Ezbreezy2516 Does sizing up add comfort ?

Hey community. Have any of you tried sizing up so you get more toe space? If so, did it add comfort or did your feet not like all the extra room up front ? I’m thinking of purchasing a new pair and I’d like to hear from you all on this topic. So far, I’ve always bought chucks that have the correct length and the slim build of the shoe absolutely rubs my small toe raw by the end of the day.
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2022.01.22 22:57 Well_rested789 The man next door(not true)

I am this 18 year old kid who lives in Oregon. But I'mma tell you when I was about 10, and living in my parents house. So on a Wednesday afternoon after I got home from school I would always look outside my room window, and what I saw was someone moving in next door to my house, it was a man, probably around his mid-30s to his early 40s. At first he didn't seem odd or anything, just a normal guy moving in. Over time he started to get creepy though like he would just stare at our house if he was outside, checking the mail or just sitting on his porch. When me and my friends was outside playing he would always try to talk to us but my mom always said don't talk to strangers so we would just go back inside once he was walking over to us. One day, when my mom was at work my dad and I was watching movies together in the living room til' we was interrupted a few hours later, by this time the sun had already gone down. My dad had paused the movie and gotten up to see who it was, he peeked through the peep whole in our door. He opened the door. I then saw that it was our creepy neighbor from next door. My dad asked once he opened the door "what do you need sir" the man then pointed straight at me and said "the child, I want the child" "my kid is not for sale, now get off of my property" my dad had said with a little bit of aggressiveness in his voice. I can clearly see the man was getting mad but walked away like he was told to. My dad closed the door and sat back down on the couch. We finished a another movie before my dad had to do go pick up my mom from work. He told to get in bed and said that he loved me before leaving, I of course when to bed after I got done brushing my teeth. I woke up a few hours later to it being cold in my room, I looked around my to see that my window was wide open and air was coming in. But despite the chilling air I knew something was off, very off. I got up from my bed and checked my closet but nothing was there I then looked under my bed but I what I saw scared me to death. My creepy neighbor was under my bed sleeping, I had to walk out of my room as quietly as I can trying not to wake him up. I made it to my parents room where I woke them up and told them what I found under my bed, my mom was horrified while my dad was pissed he then started to call the cops. After a few minutes the cops came and went into my room, I could hear some struggling before I saw my neighbor hand-cuffed and walking out of my room and into the cop car. Apparently he was wanted for murdering children in many states. Hopefully I never see him again.
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2022.01.22 22:57 Ralfop ALL-PURPOSE KITCHEN BUBBLE CLEANER Cleaning the Oil-stained or charred pot is no doubt a chore while waiting for the grease to dissolve is time-consuming. Stop the headache with our All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaning Spray. Cleaning has never been hassle-free and relaxing!

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