9issn refet 636ke 7ef66 r4ris z3za4 4abhs s2z25 dtt96 36a83 7kri2 88kt8 di8et rzfai ae6td 3h93e 3zsd7 db6sy 4z634 nenyf 3znte The Camp Yoshi 1 year anniversary party at HQ4 last night was a great time. |

The Camp Yoshi 1 year anniversary party at HQ4 last night was a great time.

2021.12.03 15:39 Hasselbuddy The Camp Yoshi 1 year anniversary party at HQ4 last night was a great time.

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2021.12.03 15:39 disenchantingpanda I signed up for online dating

It's been 5 months since the breakup and I think I am doing okayish now and I signed up for online dating. I feel like I am ready to talk to new people and get to know people who aren't my ex. My main problem is that I am unable to go for guys who aren't like my ex, i don't mean physically but mentally. I like quiet people, kind of introverts and just sweet over all, he was a lot like that but he also had a lot of negative qualities. And the problem is that I don't think people around my age are like that. Most of them are outgoing, enjoy drinking and like experimenting with causal relationships. I don't have a problem with this but i don't want these qualities in a partner. What do I do? How do I find someone I can actually click with.
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2021.12.03 15:39 cyclinginvancouver Canada inks deal with Pfizer, Merck for COVID-19 antiviral drugs

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2021.12.03 15:39 nevetsbc Wisconsin: If You Need To Use The Military Because You Aren't Paying Health Care Workers Enough, You're Doing It Wrong

Wisconsin: If You Need To Use The Military Because You Aren't Paying Health Care Workers Enough, You're Doing It Wrong submitted by nevetsbc to antiwork [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 15:39 November2019 My addition to 10236: Ewok Village, Luke's funeral pyre for his father's body.

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2021.12.03 15:39 Tesla_guy_X How deep of a river can I cross in a Tesla Model X?

How deep of a river can a Tesla model X cross? Specifically I am talking about driving on so called F roads in Iceland which involve river crossing. This means the car will be in the water for maximum 30 seconds to 1 minute. So not comparable to driving trough a flood.
The deepest river I expect are about 70cm deep. Could a Model X take that with out any damage?
If not, how deep is the deepest I should go?
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2021.12.03 15:39 jubilee213 Got a double yolked egg for breakfast this morning

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2021.12.03 15:39 Tripolois WiRd jMand (f)altmEir eRimmerN?

WiRd jMand (f)altmEir eRimmerN? submitted by Tripolois to OkBrudiMongo [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 15:39 Justthisdudeyaknow What is a game you love, but will probably never play or be able to run?

Just what it says in the topics. There are some really amazing games out there, that, for one reason or another, you just won't run no matter how much you love the rules/setting/etc. Maybe because no one else is ever interested in it, or you'd need just eh right group of players, or the rules are absolute shit despite the setting being grand. What's yours, to run or play in?
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2021.12.03 15:39 Thick-Attitude21 39 Dad looking for boys to ride me. Dm me with pics

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2021.12.03 15:39 karoshimitsu Is it a bad idea to replace my new 256 GB SSD with my 4 year old 480GB SSD

My new laptop only has 256GB SSD, however i have a 480GB SSD stick in my 4 year old laptop and i was wondering if i replace it in my new laptop, can it slow down the laptop in any way?
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2021.12.03 15:39 Every-Astronomer1182 I think this is organized, what u think?

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2021.12.03 15:39 mraviator9 Fading Lights

I just listened to Fading Lights on Last Domino after way too many years of not and forgot how grabbing the song is, lyrically, and especially the instrumental bit. Was a nice "rediscovery"!
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2021.12.03 15:39 MACHOMANRANDYSA12 What if humans run out of fighters

Here me out at the end humans run out of fighters and goll has to 1v1 a god
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2021.12.03 15:39 spidermite Assange judge is 40-year 'good friend' of minister who orchestrated his arrest

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2021.12.03 15:39 kickypie Toy Generator - Generate a Random Original Toy

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2021.12.03 15:39 birthstoned How much does being extra about packaging matter to you?

I’m considering investing in some things to personalize my packaging and make it more ~aesthetic~, I’m just curious if that’s something that’s even relevant to entice potential repeat buyers or if I’d be doing it more for myself. When I buy from people and their packaging is really pretty I definitely notice, but I’m so particular and specific about my clothes, it doesn’t really change the likelihood of purchasing again for me. If it is something you enjoy or have done and gotten positive responses, which touches stand out the most?
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2021.12.03 15:39 sonicbrawler182 "Raijin is bugged and is now the strongest character in OO"

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2021.12.03 15:39 bebopgamer Daf Yomi Secret Agent (a.k.a. Dank Yomi)

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2021.12.03 15:39 DouchePaste Angel’s armor system makes Irish’s passive and the armor gadget seem kinda worthless?

Irish spawns with 10 (of 20) armor and can pick up armor from the drops of downed players.
Angel can just hold ‘3’ for like a half second and spawn with full 20. He can also do this basically any time or place, regardless of enemies downed.
He also fully restocks his own ammo at the same time. He can also give armor and ammo to anyone else nearby in a basically unlimited fashion.
The armor gadget does the same thing as Angel but without the ammo, and only has three uses … unless deliberately resupplied by an Angel.
It just seems really weird to make Irish the “armor dude” when Angel does it better in every way.
Maybe if angel’s kit just gave 10, and Irish always spawned with a full 20, it would make more sense and even things out for Irish a little.
Angels passive shouldn’t be just a completely better version of another badger
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2021.12.03 15:39 InternNo6767 Going away for the weekend with a beardie on daily medicatiom

My family is going away from Thursday-Sunday next week and I didn’t really think about it until now that we have a bearded dragon who is on daily medicine (allopurinol) for gout. I don’t really have anyone that can come check on him. When we have left for a few days before, but that was before he was on medicine. We would just give him enough salad and water and put his lights on a timer. Anyone have any advice? I’m not sure of what to do.
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2021.12.03 15:39 Subject_D Is there a way to use only the stroke of a text layer as a mask without creating a duplicate of the text layer? Essentially, I'm trying to make it look like the one below without duplicating the text layer. Any advice is appreciated!

Im creating an editable .MOGRT template which is the reason it would be nice to be on one text layer.
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2021.12.03 15:39 DaBiGBoSsS Γιαούρτια που φταρνίζονται συχνά?

Εντάξει κρυάδα ήταν αλλά δεν πληρώνετε και συνδρομή.
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2021.12.03 15:39 sgmalta FPL obsession and mental health

I just wanted to share my experience with someone and I thought this sub would understand. I love FPL. I love tinkering with my team, watching the games and listening to podcasts. Here's the catch - I only love it when it's going well. Shocker right? Well luckily for me I've done quite well in the past years playing FPL, often winning my work and friends mini leagues, but I'm currently in a big slump. I started really well, got to the top 50 in my country and top 10k overall, but I've gotten 6 red arrows in a row, plummeting my rank.
Here's my problem. I chase losses. I made a stupid decision to bring in Vardy and Kane in bad times and to try and make up for lost points I'm taking stupid risks that are not paying off. I haven't captained Salah in the past 3 weeks. Writing this now, I know that was extremely stupid of me, but I only did it to claw back lost ranks and points with risky punts.
I feel I'm in a downward spiral, I struggled to sleep last night and it doesn't feel good. I've taken a -8 hit and I never take hits. I've chosen risky captains when I've always picked the safest option.
I know what you're going to say - just quit if it's affecting me mentally, and I know that's probably the right decision. I just wanted to share my experience with the community.
Appreciate your thoughts on this. I feel stupid writing this.. it's only a game after all.
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2021.12.03 15:39 hiimconel Social isolation, frustration and hopelessness

Hi guys! I guess because I'm 27 already, lately I started to think a lot about myself, what I'm supposed to be, where I am and why I am here.
I do not know why now the thinking process started, I guess because I feel like I'm stuck, worthless and basically a drop weight for my family (still living at my folks, just alone tho cause my family split and everyone is living at their own places) and from time to time I wish I just disappeared cause it would be easier for everyone. I haven't accomplished much in my life. Sure I'm on my 5th year of my studies, and soon I will be getting my master thesis but I feel like it'll be the same even after I finish my studies. I work a shitty job that I hate, I don't have friends or a girlfriend. I always felt like I'm different around others and I couldn't relate to them and their problems/topics, so I started to isolate myself more and more getting into games, porn and ganja (sober now). Never had a real girlfriend, maybe from time to time I was hooking up with some girls for short periods of time but never longer than 2 months. I was always ending the relationships, cause I was getting tired of them. I drank a lot of alcohol while I was with them because I was getting so anxious around them, my heart was racing, my palms were sweating and it wasn't because I was falling in love or something, but I was afraid of being judged but them and by people around.
I always felt like I'm unattractive, not manly enough for women to like me (skinny, tall and not many muscles on me), even though people tell me I'm quite good looking. I never believed them though, because every time I look in the mirror, I see something that shouldn't be there. My receding hairline, my face, whatever. From time to time I have some days I like what I see and it's happening less and less I guess because I'm getting older. I started to isolate myself even more since pandemic started and my days are running by, with me getting more frustrated every passing day. I guess I need therapy, but I don't know what type of therapy I should choose. and I would love some advice.
I feel kinda stupid writing it, cause the reasons are silly and insignificant compared to real problems people have in their lives and I feel like I should be ashamed for being what I am now. But I just can't get out of this shithole I'm in.
Did anyone went through something similar and could tell me what I could do to move on? I think I'm getting really frustrated with everything in my life and started to express anger towards everything including me. I know I'm hurting them and I don't want that. I wish I could feel normal.
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