Parasym tvns experience

2021.12.03 15:29 Logical_Break6968 Parasym tvns experience

Due to an undiagnosed health problem that I have been suffering from for 4 years, I decided to try a tvns and bought this
To my surprise, a 1' session with the device at 200micros and 20hz gives me a sympathetic response hours later (nervousness, excitement). I have not found anyone who has had something similar happen to him. I am surprised because I understand that this type of device is for just the opposite, to activate the parasympathetic. Does this make any sense?
Now my focus is on looking for an explanation to this as it may be a door to find the basis of my health problem.
I would appreciate any answers you can give me!
Thank you very much!
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2021.12.03 15:29 CollinzoTheGreat Zilch [UK Only] - Instant £15 for signup with referral (Amazon / Ebay or other lots of retails)

UK Only
Steps to get the £15 reward.. yes now £15! They've increased it since I posted a couple of days ago!
Use my referral link (only the referral gives you the £15 reward)
Link your debit card
Select your desired retailer on the homepage (Amazon is one of the choices)
Choose the 2nd payment option ("pay now") and make sure you toggle on the switch at the bottom to use your reward balance before you activate the card
Enable the discount on the slider (Make sure the band is highlighted) - picture:
Click on 'Enable for store' - this will open a new tab with the store.
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2021.12.03 15:29 garigan_nw [H] Whitemane -The Redgill Gang- 7/10P2 Recruiting

[The Redgill Gang]
11/11 Kara, 2/2 Gruuls, 1/1 Mags, 3/4 TK, 4/6 SSC
Semi Hardcore Guild : 7/10 P2

About Us:
The new active late night raid guild, is recruiting for our 25man Raid Team & for PvP Squads! Looking to recruit for a fun & semi-hardcore raid & PvP environment. Recruiting active members! Come join our community; we also host a number of Social Events throughout the month!

Raid Schedule:
Tues+Wed+Thurs: 9pm - 12am Server Time (PST)
Tues: SSC
Wed: TK
Thursdays used as Optional P1 Day

Phase 2 Content
SSC - 4/6
TK - 3/4
8/10 P2 raid leadership!

Searching for:
Melee - Enhance Sham + Ret Paladin + Cat Druid
Ranged - Ele Sham + Fire Mage + Lock
Healers - R Sham + H Pal
Active Raid Members!

Loot System:
2 Soft Reserve w/ Big Ticket Items HR'd for Guild Class Priority System!

Message me on Discord garigan_nw#5139 - Best way to get in contact !!
Or online in game at Herbalore, Ganjüh, Rastafah, or Kraunik

Message other officers online in game Fearbucker, Grizadams or Grizadams#8742 on Discord!
Badvuudoo, Yosemitesham, or Nineinchcrit in game - NineInchCrit#9696 on Discord!
Mckeyjud in game - judmckey#5537 on Discord!
Shankspeare in game - McNoob#6047 on Discord!
Diknormous, Lionwart, or Destourious in game - Diknormous (DirtyD)#0612 on Discord!
Hitch or Hitch#6455 on Discord!
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2021.12.03 15:29 delsols Best online course for Email Marketer

New to this sub. I'm an email marketer for a fairly large company. Our current workflow for designers doesn't allow for our design team to work on email projects. Therefore I have to get my hands dirty in ps and Canva to make assets. My boss is willing to pay for me to take a class to beef up my design skills. Does anyone have any online course suggestions that would be also good for email design?
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2021.12.03 15:29 Swissmember Läsenswärte Artikel. 🚀🚀

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2021.12.03 15:29 Mysterious_Trust_759 Teleporting Employee, Doppelganger, or Glitch? Still confused....

I finally have enough Karma to post this in here. Instead of as a reply. Yay me! 😆
This happened a few weeks ago. It was myself, and one other employee at work. I run a small assisted living for people with mental health issues (14 residents). The building was built in 1903, and is an old hotel that was converted into an assisted living. Each resident has like their own studio apartment. Minus the kitchenette. All meals are prepared by staff. The house was on Covid Quarantine at the time. Due to positive cases in the house. So all residents had to stay in their rooms and meals were prepared and delivered to their rooms. The house has a very narrow stairway, that leads to the upper floors with the residents rooms. The stairs are so narrow, that you need to turn sideways when passing someone. Or...wait for that person to finish ascending/descending before going yourself. The bottom floor is where the kitchen, common area, and med room are located. The three upper floors are the resident rooms.The kitchen is located directly at the bottom of the stairs. I had come out of the med room, to take one of the residents, on the upper floor, their medication. As I came out of the med room, and turned to go up the stairs, I passed directly in front of the other employee (who was coming out of the single door to the kitchen). The employee stood out at the time. He was wearing bright yellow shirt and hat, and is also 5-6 inches taller than myself. So, as I passed directly in front of him, he asked me, "Is it time for meds?" I said, "Yeah, it's almost 11:30." Which meant, he had to start getting the plates ready for lunch. I then proceeded directly up the stairs. When I got to the bottom of the stairs leading to the 3rd floor, the same employee was coming down the stairs from the floor above. The same employee that I had just passed, and had a small dialog with not 45 seconds to 1 min before. I watched him, very confused, go past me and continue the rest of the way down the stairs. When I got back downstairs, he was in the kitchen plating up the trays, to take to the residents. Now there is no way that he had passed me on the stairs, went up the 2 flights of stairs, and headed back down, without me seeing him, and in that very short time. Now, like I said, it was only me and him on shift. It's a small assisted living, so I know my residents well. Plus, they were all in their rooms. I couldn't have mistaken one of them for the employee. Also, none of the residents had their food. Soooo...WTAF?
TL;DR: Passed my employee downstairs. Employee was then upstairs less than 1 min later.
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2021.12.03 15:29 Anarchiste-mouton Climat : tous biaisés ?

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2021.12.03 15:29 DeathMonkey009 DeathMonkey009's IGS Rep Page 1

1 CUMULATIVE_TOTAL Confirmed trades
Users may feel free to add any other rep here,, /SGS rep, /GCXRep, etc but understand that the only fully accepted rep on /indiegameswap is on /IGSRep. Traders may reject trades for any suspicion and should feel free to contact the mods for background checks*
Saving me from doubles, and dead games in bundles
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2021.12.03 15:29 yourpardon Relax y’all, it’s Friday

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2021.12.03 15:29 jabrillpeppers5 Friend did a social experiment. Asking BYU students what they're listening too!

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2021.12.03 15:29 Acceptable_Escape_34 This is jhonny joestar from jojo part 7 btw ( this sub is mine now)

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2021.12.03 15:29 nossody Equalizer APO + Peace random echoy bass in Audio Technica M50X

I use APO + Peace for cranking up the bass on my M50s and sometimes it sounds like the bass will stack on top of each other? Like I can pause my music, and it will echo a few times before going silent.
I was just wondering if anyone who uses APO/Peace has similar problems. It's not a major issue but sometimes the bass stacking gets REALLY loud lol.
Thanks! :)
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2021.12.03 15:29 ClevelandBrownJunior [H]$50 Amazon GC [W]85% Paypal or Cashapp

Pm before posting, I won't respond if you don't.
1 x $50
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2021.12.03 15:29 cautiousOrange124 Damn I’m at the Blink of Dropping My CPA Class

I’m retaking my AUD this fall and I am worried it might f..k me up again. I can’t risk blowing this one chance though I don’t feel confident enough but I have to face it damn. I am jonesing for a legit writing service or tutor here on Reddit to help me ace this course. Seriously I just wanna wrap up and be done with books for life lol! I prefer to work with a service that offers PayPal as their payment, guess I have trust issues. Any good recommendations will be appreciated greatly please!
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2021.12.03 15:29 Xiarno A program to semi automate certain action ?

Basically imagine this:
I create a new folder and I want specific subfolder created. I don't really want this fully automatic as it will be a mess, but I do want something like a hotkey, or an app shortcut or something I can activate quickly that will create the folder immediatly.
So -> Create the folder -> Go in folder -> Press the key -> Done (Created the subfolder I wanted).

I've searched for quite a bit and didn't found much surprisingly. A lot of things for Cloud drive and stuff but nothing for Windows directly. Does anyone have any idea ? (The closest thing I found was Power Automate but I gotta open the Power Automate app, then run the flow, then write the folder link etc etc definitely isn't as fast as I want and annoying)
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2021.12.03 15:29 bruskadoosh Even their ears are cuddling (Basil & Julio siblings both almost 2 yrs old)

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2021.12.03 15:29 ConversationGlad6146 Trying to help a friend save money on D2. When will Legendary edition go on sale again?

I have a buddy who just got a new account on xbox and unfortunately needs to get a new copy of all the Destiny 2 content up to this point but he just barely missed the Legendary edition on sale from Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. Does anyone know if it usually goes on sale in couple weeks right before Christmas? Trying to figure out if he should just get the 30th anniversary pack and wait until late December or if he should just grab everything now. Thanks!
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2021.12.03 15:29 RideOrPie How's everyone's Wrapped looking?

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2021.12.03 15:29 HLF_Themax Globalplan Oka

Proceed to position Oscar and await for instructions
Viktor was receiving orders directly from FATES, and, followed by his team and accompanied by the french operatives under command of Forteresse, started running toward the position. On distance, he could see the ruins of a formerly colossal city, and mumbled to himself, "the time is coming when it will rise again". The strike team continued forward and eventually reached a village, Viktor walked toward the elder of the village and gave him a few words, the elder immediately let a younger man, around 30, approach the german soldier, who asked a simple question.
Are you "Oka" ?
The young man was seemingly at the prime of his physic, armed with an assault rifle, with military clothing and a patch on the shoulder depicting the former flag of the country, and with another flag underneath depicting the technocratic movement.
Yes, I thought you would take longer, but we are ready nonetheless
Viktor handed "Oka" a tablet before explaining its use
FATES and Forteresse will provide all the insight you and your men need for the operation, but for now we cant really give you an implant so you will have to do with the tablet.
Oka thanked Viktor and requested the french and german troops to explain their mission, to which the french operative got a large map out of his backpack and introduced himself as Laurent.
The first part of our mission is complete, now that you are in contact with FATES and forteresse, you will be able to request the support you need, 3 submarines are in the areas and various operative groups have already unloaded the weapons and special equipment needed, you will be able to clean the country of the trespassers, and they will be unable to do anything against that.
Another of the french soldiers approached, with a weird looking weapon on the back, Laurent continued to reveal his mission.
Our target is the Shimizu mega-pyramid, they would prove to be the biggest threat at the outbreak of the war if it wasn't for that thing there -He showed the weapon to the japanese soldiers-. In mere seconds, the pyramid will be gone, and Shimizu's private army will be as well, once that is done, the drones will be unleashed, if it all goes smoothly, the war will begin with a massive advantage on your side, as for the risk of outside interference, fear not, the tungsten pact operatives here have already been taken care off and the United States dont sail around here due to the Sword of Majapahit.

The japanese soldiers and the franco-german special forces, accompanied by 5 japanese guides, departed each in their own direction, "Oka" turned on the radio and 20 minutes after, sent a message.
We are ready
"So are we", answered Viktor, shortly after, Laurent gave a signal to his marksman who aimed the strange weapon at the pyramid, and fired. The weapon merely damaged the structure though, and the guides seemed to believe the mission had failed. Laurent explained them that the structure had been designated for destruction by "the french surprise", and recommended the japanese to watch elsewhere.
And then, the pyramid collapsed as countless kinetic missiles struck the foundations that held the structure together, the technocratic utopia of Shimizu was wiped out, as while they were technocrats, they did not follow the rules of FATES or Forteresse, and the new Japan would.
In the few minutes that followed, drones took off to eliminate all resistance, japanese soldiers took arms against ASEAN and american "trespassers", and the french and german operatives received the green-light to return to their hideout.

Globalplan Oka was on track to be a massive success, Fates and Forteresse exchanged various messages and both acclaimed the success of the mission, and as it turn out, the Juno defense network was not the only one able to hit targets on the other side of the planet, and the "Canon électromagnétique Bourgogne" only had to fire a salvo of 3 conventional cluster shells to end a nation existence and trigger the start of the Japanese War of Identity and lead to the creation of a Japanese Technocratic empire that would be their ally in the East.
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2021.12.03 15:29 Washpedantic This dude is just another pothead that makes it their entire personality.

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2021.12.03 15:29 RexUniversum Mods on held or in-inventory guns disappear

I'm a new, first-time player of 76. I decided to give it a fair chance even after a 3-year deluge of mostly negative reviews since it was on Game Pass and the franchise has been a big part of my gaming journey. That said, I can forgive a small bug like mobs not colliding with the ground on occasion or my gun firing randomly while aiming down the sights. But unless there's a fix for the bug in the title, I can see my 76 experience ending very soon.
Bug: I've noticed twice now (I'm level 14 or so, so the frequency thus far is alarming) that seemingly on disconnection from the server, mods on the gun I'm building my character around, which happens to be a legendary hunting rifle, keep disappearing. Mind you, the gun hasn't left my inventory for even a second since I got it. I've read about weapon mods being scrapped for materials while building at the C.A.M.P. if they're stored in the stash, but this isn't such a case.
Other examples of similar bugs I've read mention items disappearing from the inventory after fast-traveling or simply exiting a menu of some kind, but none about mods on a specific in-inventory gun disappearing at random, but with concerning frequency. Is there a workaround for this issue, short of re-attaching the mods each session? Is there a recommended method for signing out of a server that could prevent this issue? I normally quit to the desktop from the menu. I really want to like this game but this bug in particular is making that very difficult.
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2021.12.03 15:29 wpqanda Best WordPress Surveys Plugin?

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2021.12.03 15:29 -Omegamart- What do you do in secret that you're proud of?

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2021.12.03 15:29 Potential-Team-5304 Polygon NFT

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2021.12.03 15:29 NanoNerd99 Nano vs. S&P 500

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