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I’m writing a modern fairytale romance

2021.12.03 16:06 raekosz I’m writing a modern fairytale romance

Here’s a snippet of my current project. It’s a modern fairytale romance in the vein of princess diaries. It’s supposed to be funny and a little cheesy. Hope you enjoy.

After finally getting off the phone with Lord Pemberly, Richard stared blankly at his desk. He half smiled when he thought of his date with Madeline. Based on today and his other interactions with her the last week he found he wouldn’t mind being married to her. She’s attractive, sweet, honorable, she’d need to learn to not call him Highness, but that wasn’t a huge issue. But she did not speak her mind, and he didn’t want a wife who would always agree with everything he says. He needed to be kept in check just as much as the other nobles. Her smile at Henry made him decide he needed to meet with him to discuss at some point, but also he knew in his heart that she wasn’t meant to be his wife. And he wasn’t upset about that. But she still is a high contender on his list so far, realizing that the chance of any of the candidates being the woman he’s supposed to marry is less than one and a million. His heart restarted its ache when his mind reminded him of the article written about Margaret. He had tried to find her today to see if she’s alright, but couldn’t. Sneaking through the palace turned out to be harder than Richard thought it would be. Isabella and Clara had stopped him as he passed the music room and he felt obligated to visit and listen as they played piano and flute together. After excusing himself and running into six more candidates who were all not Margaret he headed back to the east wing and continued hiding out in his office. His eyes wandered to the screen along his wall and he quickly forced his gaze back to his desk. He opened a file, knocking his pen holder over in the process when his eyes again wandered to the screen. Don’t be a creeper, Richard. He stared at the contract before him but couldn’t read a thing, forcing a grumble from him when he finally gave in to his need and approached it. He tapped the screen and turned off the sound as he pulled up live security footage and started running through the numerous cameras placed throughout Stirling. Edward barged into his office and dropped a book on his desk.
“Someone’s forgetful about knocking.”
“Sorry, wanted to return that and also let you know that Lord Warwick wanted to meet with you, told him you were busy and to try again tomorrow.”
“Thanks.” Richard said, still not looking away from the screen and swiping to another camera.
“Looking for something?” Richard’s jaw went tight as he decided to stay quiet. "Or someone?" Richard lightly smacked his head to silently tell him to shut up. Edward then smirked as he watched quietly instead of leaving. “You know… Searching is a whole lot easier down in Stirling Control.” He laughed as he sidestepped when Richard moved to smack him again. Richard searched through every possible area that a noble would spend their day in and frustratingly couldn’t find Margaret. “Can I know who you’re looking for?” Richard narrowed his eyes and decided the pursuit was hopeless. He found everyone except Margaret.
“No.” He swiped the footage away before walking back to his desk and plopping into his chair letting his face fall into hands as Edward then brought the footage back up and started clicking through several cameras.
“Let’s see.” Edward murmured to himself but his smug voice was still loud enough to irritate Richard. “Some good looking candidates in the pool but… You weren’t looking for any of them. Lady Madeline is with Beatrice and Rosalind in the large library and you weren’t looking for them... Elizabeth, Danielle, and Harriet are in the billiards room. Who are you looking for?” Richard finally lifted his face and glared at Edward.
“I have half a mind to fire you if you don’t leave my office right now.”
“You can fire me, but I won’t go away.” Richard closed his eyes and rubbed his temples; some days Edward is more annoying kid brother than he is personal bodyguard. His eyes searched the different cameras again as he aggravatingly counted aloud. “…Seven, eight, nine, ten. Oh, we’re missing a candidate, maybe that’s the problem.” Sometimes I wish I didn’t know you. Edward then looked away from the screen and not-so discreetly typed a message on his phone. You’re not going to find her, I searched everywhere. Richard then realized she could be in her room, but if that’s the case it’s still hopeless since he’s not going to go visit her there. He then heard a faint ding before Edward turned back to the screen and swiped to another camera. “Oh look here. I found number eleven… Lady Margaret Heartford.” Richard’s knee suddenly hit the underside of his desk when his heart leapt at her name, getting him to curse under his breath at his inability to remain expressionless about what he had been searching for. Edward snorted without looking at him as Richard heard another ding from his phone. “She is an odd noble... Apparently she’s been helping Winston all day instead of enjoying the place like everyone else. So who are you looking for Max? Everyone is accounted for.” He laughed as he closed the other cameras and enlarged the one with Margaret. “Don’t you think Freya would be a better name than Snow White since her mother was Scandinavian?”
“Meeting this afternoon, Eddie.” Richard grumbled as he pushed himself up and looked at the screen. Margaret was in the hedge maze and digging around in the old stone planter that used to hold a pear tree before lightning struck it a few months back.
“So… You were looking for Margaret?”
“Just to check on her, you saw that article. It was vicious. But now that I see that she’s fine I can get back to work.” Edward nodded but his face said he didn’t believe that at all.
“You mean you don’t plan to go talk to her since… She’s completely alone?” Edward turned the sound on and Margaret’s beautiful voice was singing what sounded like a lullaby.
“... The storm-king speeds from the north tonight, and this is the song he sings, as over the world his…” Richard swiftly turned the sound back off as Margaret continued breaking up the soil surrounding the tree stump. She took a pair of shears and managed to completely uproot the stump and carried it to Winston’s limb pile.
“I bet that voice is just as pretty when she’s engaged in conversation...” Edward crossed his arms and smirked as he eyed Richard.
“Our bet is void if you’re trying to force additional interactions.”
You’re the one who was searching for her, not me. I was just offering assistance.” Richard let out a sharp breath and exited his office, casually passing Alfred in the hall. Edward quickly poked his head out of the room when he neared the corner. “Hey Marjorie, bring me some popcorn pronto! There’s a trainwreck imminent and I can’t look away!” Eddie I swear... Alfred smirked and looked up from the file in his hands.
“You alright?”
“I’m fine.” Richard muttered through gritted teeth and lightly massaged the bridge of his nose. “Make sure Edward is in the gym at four and bring a long wooden box for him.”
“Should I keep an eye on him until you return then?”
“I hate both of you, so much right now.” Alfred nearly coughed out a laugh as he patted his shoulder and headed for Richard’s office.
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2021.12.03 16:06 DepartmentFew8467 Gifts are one of the ways to express love. I love it so much!

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2021.12.03 16:06 svanapps The Justice Department is ramping up its crackdown on money mules

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2021.12.03 16:06 Metamiibo My WIP Take on Mephiston

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2021.12.03 16:06 IdontDoAnythingAtAll Is it normal to hate direct eye contact from strangers?

I've always found that when another man stares at me I get a mixture of anger, and fear to the point where I'll look away.
I don't like eye contact even when speaking with people I know, it's got me wondering why people stare at others?
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2021.12.03 16:06 Asiier Not only that but the burger juices dripped from the corners of the box...

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2021.12.03 16:06 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] LIVE: White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing with reporters — 12/3/21 ¦ CNBC on Youtube

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2021.12.03 16:06 Current-Emu8420 "ChARiSMa-_" Blatant WH 'closet cheating'


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2021.12.03 16:06 Region-Formal Another 116 coming in, all the way from Japan. 🇯🇵👐🏽🇬🇧 くそヘッジーズに負けず。行くぞ! ♉️💀🚀

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2021.12.03 16:06 lastnoblesteed Bat Fridays: The Man with No Face and the Flowers with Faces (Detective Comics #34 Vol. 1)

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2021.12.03 16:06 BrightView00 Ideas For What To Get My 6yo Nephew For Christmas? He Has ASD

Hey guys
So. I've lost a LOT of family over the last decade.
My nephew, is one of the most important things in the world to me.
I love him, so much. He's a pure soul.
He has ASD and it's starting to look like ADHD & Dyspraxia too.
He loves gaming, Among Us, but he has everything!
He has an iPad, Laptop, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, every toy you can imagine.
His mum is a single one and he's an only child. His absolute waste of oxygen father bailed on them.
So he gets "Spoiled" so he has everything...
I want to get him something he's going to love. That he can use / play with / look at all the time.
I don't want to just get him something generic.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.03 16:06 lajosmacska Lajosposting

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2021.12.03 16:06 Akrasia5 Day 1 of learning to draw. Absolute beginner following r/ArtFundamentals

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2021.12.03 16:06 lilig303 themis mbe full set materials for sale

selling a full set of materials from 2020. 1 MPT is filled out, otherwise blank/in perfect condition. please dm.
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2021.12.03 16:06 mrduncansir42 Chave Dapelle

Dave Chapelle
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2021.12.03 16:06 Wysko-13 Permanently Banned

Hey guys, i know what your thinking, here is another toxic player who deserved to get banned.

I had an account, i had no bans at all on the account, EVER.

I had a child and became a single dad raising my girl, so i took a couple years break.

came back to play league, finally figure out my account details and struggled due to its name being changed.

After investigating, i figured out a old house mate i had known for years had somehow gotten my details, and knowing i had took a break, re named it, and got me banned. at no point did i go "here, i know you have gotten like 4 accounts previously perma banned, but here is my details, have fun."

but they refuse to give my account back, but dont ban my other accounts on the same email.

Any tips? as, im a single parent and cant afford to get all my stuff back like rune pages, skins and champs.
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2021.12.03 16:06 skakrow Dealing with sick crying baby

Our 8 month old has recently started nursery and already working through his second cold!
Last couple of days have been a nightmare, lots of crying, difficult to settle and won't sleep for long on his back.
It's hard to see the end and I'm just thankful there are 2 of us. Hats off to any single parent having to deal with this
How do you all cope with this?
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2021.12.03 16:06 dinsun Sneaky Sasquatch - Clone jet ski glitch

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2021.12.03 16:06 keyboard1999 Who are you keeping ROS ?

I have to drop one to pick up WR for this week. Both are super talented when in the field but neither can stay healthy.
View Poll
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2021.12.03 16:06 Duccmanlol Im sorry for what i have done (skin concept by me)

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2021.12.03 16:06 Axianta1 We fight though the bad times SHIBES! We may have lost the battle today, but we will win the war! ✊🏻

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2021.12.03 16:06 fawndofyou How to add nicknames in obs chat?

I know people who use obs and give people nicknames in their chat. Say someone's username is Apple, but their real name is Brianna, I'd like to put that down.
I searched the sub and google and no luck.
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2021.12.03 16:06 wEaReaLlmEmElOrDS To Prevent Unnecessary Deaths, Nation Demands Common-Sense Alec Baldwin Control

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