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You’re trash Brock…

2021.10.27 10:44 Calorie_Killer_G You’re trash Brock…

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2021.10.27 10:44 nickelet11 Pandemic hitting dentist offices hard too

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2021.10.27 10:44 aquaticsquash Which DCTV show has had the worst most recent season?

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2021.10.27 10:44 MarsupialOk1958 Well then...

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2021.10.27 10:43 AnthonyGiorgio Job Posting: IBM Software Engineer working on z/VM

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2021.10.27 10:43 BlackIronSaturn No two ways about it, Train of Busan: Peninsula might be one of the biggest letdowns for me in recent memory. Some spoilers throughout.

Coming off the first movie, which to me, is one of the better horror movies out there, the sequel felt like it completely didn't understand what made the first movie great. Pretty much everything about the sequel just didn't jive with me. Was the sequel horrible? As a movie, it was fine. As a movie touting itself as a sequel to Train To Busan? It was pretty dreadful.
Part of the problem was that the motivations for the characters going back to the peninsula wasteland in the first place. It is quickly established that the reasoning, on paper, is sound enough to try: Refugees displaced from Korea can't get citizenship status and are treated like dirt and thus must find alternative means to get that status. However, it doesn't take a psychic to infer that>! the party making the agreement with the protagonists party aren't to be trusted. ! Yet, obviously they must go otherwise there is no movie. Even still though, the protagonist tagging along only because his brother in law wanted to go is fine but it just works as a better plot point in different circumstances, not really here. Outside of an obligation to go with his brother in law for events established earlier, there really isn't any real reason to go there. He has all his faculties about him and he very clearly knows the deal is bullshit.
So fine, we are in the wasteland. Four years after the first events. Here is the second problem: The rest of the world has adapted to this new reality, and are completely aware of not only how to deal with them, but easily have the means to do a various amount of things to remedy the problem as best as they could but they just don't do anything. They absolutely could. It's arguably one of the best outcomes of a zombie situation that the bulk of the infected are completely isolated on a peninsula. Yet they just leave it. Because they know survivors are there, but don't do anything about it, and don't do anything to facilitate egress out of the peninsula...because of the implication.
....so why not just bomb the shit out of the peninsula? If the rest of the world is already not making any real attempts to do any search and rescue, why bother keeping the peninsula around? This isn't nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking: If a movie you can easily ask a why question, and the movie can't provide a solid answer for why an event carries out as it does, then that's indicative of the quality of writing trending on the more "poor" side of things. This is a problem that's easily resolved thanks greatly in part to the apathy of the rest of the world to the situation.
The next issue is the genre shift. Train to Busan was a bit melodramatic at times, but it was a damn good horror movie cause the tension was there. The characters really feared the zombies, and each character had a unique characterization and back story to them so when you learned of their fates it hits really hard. Even the scummier of characters had an air of sympathy to them because you can understand where they are coming from and why they did what they did.
Here though, four years after that (barely any time at all), abandoned soldiers and some civilians can completely adapt to the point the zombies are a mere nuisance and can herd them like cattle to the point that they turn it into mad max? Really? They can just pull off some intricate traps and anti zombie tech like it was nothing?
It was only four years. Again, this goes back to my previous point: If it was really that simple for a bunch of displaced koreans to come up with all these anti zombie methods, this should have been a cakewalk for the rest of the world to take care of this problem. The zombies are a hivemind hoard that react extremely quickly to light and sound...there are so many ways to corral them to whatever the herding force dictates. The movie goes to great lengths to make the zombies feel like a nuisance or a thing to weaponize moreso than something to be feared, which is really...really....I'm sorry...stupid. It's the dumbest.
Finally, let's address another situation, and this might be a bit divisive, but can we please stop pretending preteen korean girls and children are some sort of badass? It's really hard to suspend my disbelief that a preteen is all of a sudden baby driver and is some master driver who can pull off insane maneuvers and the like, and that a child can possess Kevin Mcallister levels of intelligence and somehow they have managed to adapt whereas literal cities have fallen around them and they come out ok. I hate this trend. It's not just in Korean film: It's everywhere, and oh man, in horror movies especially. If it involves a child, it usually is the case that they will survive. It melts away the tension almost immediately because you know characters are going to do really stupid decisions based off the welfare of the child and not themselves even though it's literally in the middle of the apocalypse. I just hate it. I really hate it, and no, movies, you don't get to kill some kids in your movie to show that you are "different" only to perpetuate the problem with your other kid characters.
I won't get into the action scenes. They were ok. The car scenes were well filmed but incredibly dumb. The characters themselves were forgettable. Kind of hard to feel for anyone when they didn't really do anything with them in the first place.

All in all, I was severely disappointed with my experience and I can't unrecommend this movie enough. Please just watch the first one. It's clear the movie never needed a sequel: It was a perfectly concise story. Why the need to make this one? I don't know.
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2021.10.27 10:43 Fit_Cryptographer_19 24 [M4F] Tagaytay?

Any one here from south. Preferably cavite or nearby areas na malakas trip diyan. Tara tagaytay.
If it matters, About me: 5'9, moreno, somewhere between fat and average, hygienic, vaxxed, 7-8/10 naman daw.
About you (optional): cute lang hahaha
Reddit chat only.
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2021.10.27 10:43 KristelLarrison Help QC My Air Max 97 Sean Wotherspoon!PK batch~$130 good to go?

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2021.10.27 10:43 funnybillypro If I delete a PPV post on a free account, do people who paid for it lose it? Or will they get to keep it in their respective vaults?

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2021.10.27 10:43 Ill_Understanding393 😃😀🙂😐

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2021.10.27 10:43 Promotion_Direct Found out ex friend (f22) was spreading lies about me (f23) after we started to try to become acquainted again

Friend (f22) and I (f23) became friends around 7 years ago. We we’re super close and definitely both considered each other best friends. Around 3 years ago we had a falling out when we were both away at college. Both of us were going through a lot mentally and started treating each other poorly.
I tried to handle it the best I could but i know in hind sight we both treated each other poorly (and I understand friend has every right to be upset with me and we’ve talked about it). It’s a lot more complicated then this but the reason I cut things off was I repeatedly tried to set boundaries (which I typically did by sending long pre written google docs bc I hate confrontation but was pushing a lot on at once). For example friend would often ignore my messages in favor of starting a new conversation. Which on its own, does not seem bad. But it was every single time I tried to talk to them to the point I had a copy and paste message id put in every time she did it (after I responded to her message). This was an issue because we used to be there for each other mentally but now any time I tried to bring up an issue she’d ignore it and we’d talk about hers and I had to ignore my stuff almost every day to be there for her (which normally wouldn’t be an issue but I was also going through it)
Her issues stem from me acting how I was in response to her. The google docs where too much (especially since I know she difficultly reading but in person was too much) and I was being super passive aggressive a lot of the time. At one point I told her I couldn’t be there for her mentally for a bit (after she kept ignoring my messages) and that hurt her. Also for a good portion of it I acted as if I was solely in the right and didn’t do anything wrong . I take full blame for this.
Friend and I came back in touch around a year ago and we’ve talked maybe 5 or 6 times sense. We both agree while we’d like to be friends again, neither of us are ready for it right now. So talking occasionally is fine but don’t expect it all of the time.
The issue (stay with me here I felt the context was important) stems from me recently finding her complaining about me and things I didn’t do on Twitter. Now I know what your thinking, they’re old messages and you shouldn’t have been looking for them. And I wasn’t. I was trying to find an old piece of her and thought maybe she messaged my name or the word friend in it. I found 2 different tweets from different times talking about me
She was complaining about how I was only friends with her for free art and I only called it off because she stopped giving me it. Which, isn’t remotely true. She is the one who befriended me and I never asked for her to give me art. She said I guilted her for it and even later admitted it (which I didn’t at the point of the tweet we haven’t even talked since I cut her off). She also said I was using her for Twitter followers. And yes, I did ask her to retweet a couple of times (of which I literally did all of the time for her and it was perfectly normal for when we were on tumblr to send a post and say “reblog this 5000 times). But she didn’t start gaining followers on Twitter till the very end of our friendship (talking about the last couple of months of 4 years). Should I have been the way I was about it? No absolutely not but acting as if all of our friendship relied on that is a lie.
Also another important context is that I know how she is, if she was saying this all publicly I know she was saying even worse privately. There was an issue in the passed where she had a following out with a friend and she got cut out from the group and people she didn’t even know we’re making fun of her because of how they talked. She did that to me. I know (and have known) she talked about me that way which is part of the reason I’ve had trouble reaching out and meeting new people. I have no idea if they know her and no idea if they think poorly of me. Now I know they very likely believe things about me that never happened
I feel weird talking to her without confronting this but I don’t know how to confront this or even if I should. Should I just pretend everything is fine? should I message her about it? How do you even go messaging about this?
Tl:dr friend I had a falling out, on the path of talking to other again but found out she was spreading lies. How do I deal with it?
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2021.10.27 10:43 svanapps Decentralised Data Storage: A Fairer Economy for Web 3.0

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2021.10.27 10:43 ShortAlgo $IMRX Waiting for Short signal on IMRX https://t.co/dsiZiSCOVK

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2021.10.27 10:43 Jawaka99 Does The First Half of a NBA Game Really Matter?

I'll start with saying that i'm a very casual fan and rarely actually watch games. I mostly like to read the scores and write ups the next day.
That said,. it seems like a 15 point lead at halftime really means nothing anymore. in so many games the first half is just the two teams going trough the motions. Maybe one team is trying out new things or playing reserves but its almost as if the real game doesn't start until after the half.
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2021.10.27 10:43 plastichater I am a high school student from Ohio creating a microplastic filter to filter out wastewater and reduce human exposure to plastics. Please take this 2 minute survey to help me out!

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2021.10.27 10:43 chubby_beauty08 My(F20) boyfriend(M22) knows i have a onlyfans but acting like he doesn't. why?

So i am in a relationship with this guy for nearly 8 months now but i am using onlyfans for more than a year before you come to any conclusions i have my reasons for doing onlyfans and also i have heard from my friends and random people what they think about people earning money through onlyfans so i didn't wanted to tell him but just last week we were together i was scrolling through his phone randomly to find out that one of his friends texted him all about me having an onlyfans and couple of screenshots of my profile and content on it and that Message was 2 weeks ago and his only reply to that to his friend is go to hell. Is it good or bad for me it's eating me from inside that he knows and i am feeling really embarrassed knowing that he knows that i have onlyfans but still didn't confronted me about it or talked about it. What do i make up of this I don't know?
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2021.10.27 10:43 bree78911 Day 10 Bernese method

Hey everyone. Things are on the up. I think.
So last night, we decided to dig out the 6 year old suboxone strip and have 2mg each about 6pm. We have barely eaten in 9 days, we have zero appetite and we are not craving chocolate constantly like we usually do(we eat a 200g block of chocolate or 1-2 packets of Snickers Pods EACH, every day without fail, we have done it for years, you don't need to tell us, we know its fucked, diabetes, blah blah blah)
We ordered Domino's last night and I ate half a piece of pizza and didn't touch my chocolate lava cake. Anyone who knows me knows that this is totally unheard of.
My husband (I will now call J because I'm getting sick of writing husband all the time) did become reasonably more comfortable by the evening and slept well after we took bedtime meds. We had a temazepam and a valium just to ensure a decent sleep. I've always been an insomniac and I have never slept better than I have this week during my entire life.
We actually woke up feeling good! Did the usual take our son to work at 7, have a coffee and get organised to go to the chemist. All was well.
We dosed at 8am (it's now 8pm). Went up to 20mg today. Within a couple of hours he began to go downhill again. Overly emotional and he was absolutely miserable for no real reason he can explain. The past 2 days it has come on within about an hour or 2 and lasted a few hours yesterday until he got more valium. But today he wasn't as bad. Same symptoms but it's like they are milder and not as long lasting. He doesn't get angry or anything, just very quiet and depressed, doesn't feel like talking. We decided to try not to medicate unless we really feel like we need to today and see how we went. The meds make him drilled out and he'd rather not take them if he can get by without.
He ended up taking a valium and clonidine at lunchtime. I had to do a house call for work today and we don't have a great deal of energy but I forced myself and I was ok, its only an hour's work anyway. Went food shopping. It's not much but it's an achievement at the moment. Energy levels are low as low can be right now. I don't feel in WD apart from being freezing cold(it has hailed here today, it's a cold day anyway so we're not sure if it's WD or just the shitty cold and windy weather). It's definitely not the severe 'cold to the bone' feeling I've had plenty of times when your body needs opiates. It's really mild.
Our work schedule is pretty much back to normal tomorrow. We work from home, together, so it could be worse. We were talking about rescheduling some appointments tomorrow but we've decided that we are going to try and go to our normal routine tomorrow.
Dr phoned to check on J this afternoon. She suggested putting off dosing tomorrow for another couple of hours or so. Like 12pm instead of 8am. We have to work between 9.30 and 2 tomorrow so she thinks he should try dosing just after lunch since before his dose is when he feels quite good. We'll probably try that.
I asked J if he was ok half hour ago and said if it's too hard for him maybe methadone would be better. He said he would chop off his own arm off himself before he goes back on methadone. I had to laugh at that shit 🤣🤣 He is just sick of going to the chemist-no judgement to anyone else.
I, on the other hand, am not quite right but feeling 90% whereas J says he felt only 50% ok yesterday but 75% today so that's good. This is what scale the Dr likes to use to ask about how we feel. She wants a % of how good we feel. She really is funny as fuck lol.
I was just gonna write a quick post but it didn't really go like that haha. Just trying to supply as much info as possible.
Hope everyone is doing okay and whatever and however you are all doing is working for you! 🤞
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2021.10.27 10:43 OwnSpinach1779 🍒🐱

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2021.10.27 10:43 CheesyMinnie Just started need help with my team!

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2021.10.27 10:43 Kaguracutestheromlbb Haha ammo rack go brrrr

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2021.10.27 10:43 MrRulix How does this even happen?

How does this even happen?
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2021.10.27 10:43 Huge-Green2594 How I ruined a pretentious Bathroom (The statute of Limitations has passed for this event so I can share.)

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2021.10.27 10:43 phillipkdink Looking for a decent climate change video for 15 year olds

Hey all, I am new to teaching Science to this age group, and am noticing that some in my classes seem to have a fairly low literacy about climate change.
We're in a chemistry unit and we were going to go over balancing combustion reactions today, but I was thinking of doing an aside talking about CO2 as a covalent compound and how it traps the sun's energy.
Anyhow, I'm looking for a decent explainer video that describes the severity of the problem soberly, without a ton of assumed knowledge. Bonus if it actually gets into the chemical property of absorbing light energy, but I can teach that part myself if need be.
What do you guys use in your classrooms?
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2021.10.27 10:43 ShortAlgo $FTCV Waiting for Buy signal on FTCV https://t.co/wJLfL9WZQr

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2021.10.27 10:43 SnooHabits195 Does the Boox Leaf still going to be released this November?

I saw its specification and even in the compare page at the onyxboox website this morning but now it is gone.
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