hezz5 z3z6f 56anh d63zd yz2ed r4arr 83zyi nfa9a h56he bn949 dky4t 3fh32 3znie 22k32 k8rff yiyya t3ndr 752et i7d2e hk6za t999e I was denied a position for looking like a child |

I was denied a position for looking like a child

2021.10.27 11:11 DoctorAMDC I was denied a position for looking like a child

My dad works as a security guard, the only job is to open doors and make rounds every 10-30 minutes. I went to a reunion full of young people like me who actually work there. After the reunion, the boss completely ignored me and talked to my dad instead (Something that angers me). He said: "Sorry but he looks like a child, maybe I can we can put him in the computer section." But nothing, I was 22 last year and jobless. I'm not a child nor like one. This behavior from him was unprofessional. And for opening doors, do I really need to look like a wrestler? At least I got a job at the end of the year
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2021.10.27 11:11 PotatoBoy_ Need code for pre-sale

Missed the signup, can someone give me the pre-sale code
Please and thanks
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2021.10.27 11:11 Asalphagus Saw This Error Message

Saw This Error Message Any idea what it means? What if anything I can do about it?
On Xbox. Saw it the night before. I had to dismiss it over and over. Changing maps finally made it go away. Same thing happened last night. Any thoughts?
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2021.10.27 11:11 ACBisME 8 more codes

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2021.10.27 11:11 Austin-Hollywood Hand Drawn and c4d! <3 thinking of doing series

Hand Drawn and c4d! <3 thinking of doing series submitted by Austin-Hollywood to NFT [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 11:11 DankShibe IM NOT FUCKING SELLING!!!

IM NOT FUCKING SELLING!!! submitted by DankShibe to SHIBArmy [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 11:11 mamperzaster ich_iel

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2021.10.27 11:11 ThatWalrusGoy Can I play ONE GAME against bots without people nitpicking everything?

I'm level 25. I've played against nothing but intermediate bots to try to get very basic things like last hitting, jungling, etc. down. Nobody likes to play it so I end up going Jungle almost every game, oh well. Every, single, game, it feels like somebody (most of the time mid or support) hyperfocuses me and gets mad at every single thing I do.
"Why did you come and gank I wasn't ready." after I pinged 5 times with Bard support that I was coming and they proceeded to use their APM to ping me like mad as I die. The wave was pushed up, they just came back from base and enemy mid was 2/3 health.
"Why didn't you go in?" said the mid lane when I was Kayn JG on the first scuttle of the game, and they dove t1 for a kill then pinged me to death that I didn't come help when scuttle was up towards top to set up a fast gank there.
"Please you have to do this strat or you're just fucking dumb." said the bot lane while trying to exploit the AI and pull them into a bush for kills before the game starts. I'd rather not mess up jungling and doing things that'll help me against real players for your exploit, thanks.
And my favorite and most recent one of all, "You should've given them that kill, you know we're just all trying to practice here and you're messing it up for them." I was Kindred JG ganking bot and just barely managed to get a kill with the third auto of my E as the champ ran under tower, something I CAN'T AVOID and ADC was behind me, nobody had CC up. This was after bot lane sat back to kill the Ezreal as I was focusing Morgana, but sure let me just ruin the game for you because in a real game, against real players, you definitely would've dove all the way past t1 with 0 minions to kill the Morgana while you're on half health.
We're 100% guaranteed to win if even 1 person knows what they're doing against bots. These aren't Grandmasters, these aren't even Silvers, they're Iron and Bronze and hellishly punish people for the slightest mistake. I understand I'm not perfect but come on, obviously none of them are either.
/salt over
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2021.10.27 11:11 TheProgressiveReport "iS tHiS tHe NaStY fAcE oF cOrByN's LaBoUr???"

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2021.10.27 11:11 KronikDrew Per request, here is my Infinity Bottle Tracking Spreadsheet (Link in post) (crosspost from r/whiskey)

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2021.10.27 11:11 Other-Brilliant865 I switched my sprout to a bigger pot with drainage , any tips? It was a tad overwatered when I cut the cup open

I switched my sprout to a bigger pot with drainage , any tips? It was a tad overwatered when I cut the cup open submitted by Other-Brilliant865 to microgrowery [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 11:10 jaredes291 OnePlus 6t with latest updates not receiving any texts including texts from Verizon

I don't know when this started but for the past few days I've received zero texts. This is a serious problem for me as I can't receive account security codes for My Verizon account or any other account security codes from my bank or pretty much any text message. I am able to send messages and they get delivered just fine. I have tried to use the online chat system but it won't connect me to an agent or the virtual assistant until I have logged in and I can't log in as I don't currently know my password and I can't reset my password as I can't receive a text I have also tried calling and it says that they are closed and that their hours are 8:00 a.m. eastern to 9:00 p.m. Eastern even though I am calling during their business hours. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.27 11:10 TheAngelOfAres DWAC_Stock subreddit

Don't trust this subreddit, they banned me for no apparent reason, but regardless that is censorship. That's exactly what the trump social platform is against...how ironic..
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2021.10.27 11:10 MaxiMustard129 FIND MINECRAFT SEED - 2010 - Alpha v.1.1.2_01

I would like to find the seed of this video, it was who brought Minecraft to my country, Brazil. Anyone interested to try?
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2021.10.27 11:10 throwayjawn If my teacher said I scored in the first percentile of my class for the exam, how good/bad did I really do?

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2021.10.27 11:10 Fabulous_Ad3747 🌟 LEGEND KISHU COIN 🌟 Stealth Launch 🌟 Listed On PancakeSwap 🌟 Liquidity locked 🌟 100x potential or more 🌟 Anti Whale

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Liquidity pool has been forever burned 🎯 which means developers can’t rug anyone .

🎯 100% verified contract 🎯
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2021.10.27 11:10 TheOfficialJaded Me irl

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2021.10.27 11:10 KIIVIIN90 Beautiful green - HODL - Stay Strong - Don't let red fool you! $SHIB to 0.01$ πŸš€πŸ™πŸ’Ž

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2021.10.27 11:10 AceHeister FT: Hacked Shiny 6IV Keldeo & Victini LF: Cloned NOT 6IV Victini, Genesect or Volcanion with English name;

Turns out I was sent some PokΓ©mon that β €were hacked... As these aren't intellectual locked. Anyone want to take them.off my hands?
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2021.10.27 11:10 inlinefourpower Ideas for Address "Tombstone"

My mom has hired some major landscaping work recently. She has a long driveway that terminates in a circle in her front yard. At the entrance from the circle get landscaping guy has added a little garden thing with some rocks. She intends to make an address marker out of the rock (200 feet down her driveway so maybe a bit late, but whatever)
The rock screams tombstone to me. Anyone have any suggestions on how to make this area look good? Will it already look good? Should it be centered as you come down the driveway? Or is the placement right? I really can't tell.
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2021.10.27 11:10 stayrobble catgirlcoin Subreddit Statistics

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2021.10.27 11:10 Died5Times Were almost there

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2021.10.27 11:10 Practical-Source-808 I'm traveling to nepal does anyone know the quarantine period for a fully vaccinated person

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2021.10.27 11:10 chill_luffy Jihye Jung

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2021.10.27 11:10 lefowastaken What can I change to make this better?

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