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I always knew she was an angel

2021.09.16 23:20 Babymakerwannabe I always knew she was an angel

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2021.09.16 23:20 SageManeja Cuando el linaje es demasiado puro

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2021.09.16 23:20 SwaeWilson LF a Solgaleo

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2021.09.16 23:20 Tech_Nerd_420 [Xbps] How to mark a package as explicitly installed?

So im trying to use xbps-remove -o but since i installed void using the lxde iso it wants to remove openbox which i am currently using, (i removed lxde and am using openbox)
How can i mark packages as explicitly installed so it doesnt remove openbox? Also will marking openbox as explicitly installed stop xbps-remove -o from removing openbox's dependencies?
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Discord - TutorEndaline#6665 E-mail - tutorendaline@gmail.com
Hi Everyone, I am a resource person in mathematical course. I have over 9 years of tutoring and practice experience.Feel free to contact me for help with your homework, quiz, test, exam.
I specialize in the following

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2021.09.16 23:20 Famous-Cupcake9363 British comedians in Cinderella

As a British trouble marker, I’m getting excited about all the British comedians like James Acaster and Rob Beckett and then getting sad that Dylan isn’t recognising then. Obviously makes sense as he’s American but still, my British heart hurts
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2021.09.16 23:20 LicantroDH Fiestas patrias fuera de Chile

Obviamente en ningún otro país esta fecha es festividad, pero para los chilenos que viven en el extranjero, ¿hacen algo para el 18? ¿Su cueca? ¿su choripán? ¿terremoto? ¿extrañan chilito?
Los leo!
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2021.09.16 23:20 Psychological-Shoe51 Squads/duos on switch

What’s up everyone. Just looking for some friends to run a couple games with. Decent team player trying for Ws or just late games. I play on switch mainly but can go over to Xbox if needed. My friend code is:
SW-2550-5585-3614 <3
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2021.09.16 23:20 The_Klaus [Feedback] Can we get an UI overhaul to the charm screen?

Regardless of the state of the game right now, I want to express something that's been bugging me for a bunch of seasons now.
I've been thinking that it would be cool that if instead of being displayed with their names, we had them diplayed as icons so we could more easily spot the ones we want to apply instead of being such a hassle (especially on console), for example, as it is right now it's hard to find the ones we want to use among the sea of charms there are, having to either scroll down and squint our eyes until we find it, or know its name beforehand and locate it by alphabetical order.
And "quest" charms don't help either, tons of re-skinned charms of the same model piled up since season 5, maybe give them their own section in the charm screen? so they're easier to track down and don't clutter the rest of the charms as well.
That's it, thanks.
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2021.09.16 23:20 Lost_Bed4211 Varsity jackets, could any of you tell me W2C good varsity jackets, and if you have bought any could you dm pictures?

Please tell me good sellers for varsity jackets.
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2021.09.16 23:20 tangerinedreammm Room for Rent

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2021.09.16 23:20 Lidiloth2 Its so cool to look at.

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2021.09.16 23:20 sadgeTHROWAWAYbruh Advice on an impactful experience of mine with dating.

This will be a long winded post, may lack coherency and be all over the place, apologies in advance.
asterisk i guess will contain between them information or context but not necessarily in any chronological order.
In Dec 2019, I initiated a conversation with someone in an online group on Facebook which was on the topic of "Dating" and other related things.
They were "auctioned" by a friend.
This person has many things in common with me and was also beautiful.
Not expecting a response, I shot my shot nonetheless because during this time of my life, I was trying to push myself out of the comfort zone.
surprisingly, even though the her post had thousands of responses and likes, I managed to retain her attention.
Although our conversation was initially bland and if it were not for this auction post detailing some of her personality traits I would've honestly felt like I was bothering her and she was NOT interested but I thought that I recognised certain traits that I had in myself (socially) where I was generally awkward/not the best talker to someone who imp not familiar with so I "pushed(?)" through it I guess (for a lack of a better word lol).
Within a month of of this, about to finally realise that I misunderstood and she's not just keen + is trying to be polite, slowly but surely I felt her opening up more and more, being interested and engaging.( I was way too happy lmaooo)
Good time to add some relevant info, she was located outside of my country but intended on moving here in the start of 2020.
month or so goes by, even thru different time zones we somewhat continued the flow of conversation, If I'm being brutally honest, i was still the person engaging for the most of the conversations but at least her responses were seeming full of flavour (looking back now, maybe it was less a conversation more me just asking her about her everything, likes, family etc??)
I'm someone who struggled socially a lot earlier in my life and one thing I did to partially overcome this was to just try be interested in someone's life and ask them about it and ask about their wellbeing (not just to be social but I actually want to know/care about them ofc) I just had no clue how to express interest care/affection before
so eventually, she moves to the country, is settling in and at this point its been about 2 months since we've started talking.
I don't know why but at this point i somewhat awkwardly and straightforwardly asked her out on a date, she said yes!
She loves dogs so i looked for a few dog cafes(which do NOT exist at all where I am, that kinda sucked cus it would've been the perfect 1st date spot lol I love dogs too)
but as she was still settling in and I didn't want to be forceful , after the initial asking out, i didn't necessarily push too hard as her schooling and such was still being all sorted, figuring out how to live in a new country can be very hard (and insanely scary as a women in a new country, something as a male I cannot and would be scared to try imagine) and I personally could not imagine so we just continued to talk.
Maybe I'm a bit deluded but i felt that it was becoming ALOT more even, in terms of conversation flow and engaging and at this point.
god, I was crazy about her or maybe the idea of her?
How much can you really know someone without having met them in person.
I'd fall asleep hugging the pillow sometimes, imagining it was her
At this time i was 20.
in the 1-2 months of her being in the country, she was locked in her house, she lived with her landlady, essentially renting a room and a bathroom and sharing everything else, which considering her personality and her direct words was very stressful, she felt like a burden using the kitchen and was just eating crackers saying she needed to loose weight anyway, being tired, sick and home sick.
somewhat overstepping, I in my opinion, nicest way possible told her
this made me feel really worried and I told her that she should eat some fav foods of hers and recommended some Thai places to get takeaway from (the area which she told me she lived in is an area I went to often for some hobbies).
Starving herself will only make her more tired/having less energy and overall making her feel worse.
Considering we both love baking (one of our commonalities lool)
Luckily she did cook herself some good food and didn't just eat crackers, and luckily it helped!.
I felt really bad for saying this cus it felt like who am i to tell her she should eat?
but it felt worse to think about what if i didn't say anything.
now, this would be just before COVID but at this point this felt very new to me.
I've liked girls before, the immature idea of like/crushes/love.
thinking they're pretty, wanting them to be your girlfriend, all that jazz.
But with her, I just wanted her to be happy , healthy and even though some of our common things included anxiety, insecurity and depression and although I found comfort in it, I'd give that up in a heartbeat if it meant she could be free of such problems.
I wouldn't, didn't and still wont care if this person was no longer in my life, as long as they were good.
I think this may have be the first genuine person whom I've liked romantically and genuinely? idk.
Unfortunately, the Friday we choose to make plans, lockdown happened 2 days before.
we continued to talk, I tried to escalate to calling or video calling but she was still a bit shy( i think?)
idk as I'm not the most confident person so I tend to see every little non positive reaction as a complete disinterest in me as an instinct(often used to lead to the flight response) whether it be in a platonic or non platonic settings, something I've been trying to work on with some success which may be the only reason I didn't just totally give-up
ANYWAY so all thru the first lockdown period, its stable, good conversation, deeper levels of conversation, she actually volunteered some information about her ex and how he said certain things about her depression which seemed to be a big point of pain for her (the point of pain being my assumption from the way in which this was said) but it was one of the first time non surface level stuff was well brought up without any reasoning, it weirdly made me feel very nice to know she trusted me with this emotional wound I guess.
I tried complimenting her, her skills, achievements and once (because it made me feel really weird as I'm not used to it so never again) reassuring her physical figure as she felt insecure about her weight.
It's an issue I had at the time ( atm currently have), I opened up about my insecurities to make her feel safe enough to also open if she wanted to. i could relate because it was a big thing for me in my own way.
i occasionally tried to escalate to video/voice calls but still no dice, personally for me stuff like this feels a lot more nerve wrecking the irl meets so I didn't ask more then 3 times maybe?
I may have overstepped bounds maybe by offering to help her move(moving during lockdown is pain but the move happened after lockdown restrictions were over but still, even with more freedoms still tough as fuck) or bring her essential items during the lockdown though (honestly though I'd do this for any acquaintance/friend new or old) but in hindsight it could've been a bit much.
Lockdown ended, we were both "free" but I had exam periods first then right after mine ended hers started.
but finally, we both agreed to meet between a lull between exams for her.
I got there, bit early.
talking to her, she was stressed and felt bad, didn't want to meet me when she was distracted and stressed, not ready/dressed up and at this point we've been talking for nearly 5 months so i felt this made sense and tracked with her personality so even though she was ready/ about to leave to meet me I reassured her and kinda semi strongly told her that she shouldn't and that I want her comfort to be her first priority and that it was my first priority too( I regret this a little bit now but not really, if i didn't say how I felt then I'd just be dishonest.... and it'd kill me on the inside).
This was mid may
And so, I went home.
a month or so passes by, her exams were ok, some she had to retake and considering her mental state at our last almost meet, I didn't really bring up setting another date, just talking to her daily and enjoying every minute of it.
I was unhealthily attached to someone who I'd have poured my heart out to at this point but she was doing the same, in her own way(maybe?? self aware insecurity ting on an anon platform!)
It's now end of June ish, both our education got started up and hers was REALLY intense (culinary stuff , so many time consuming practicals as you'd imagine) an we just couldn't find a time to meet until her break.
Our conversations grew less fluid, I found myself double/triple texting and wouldn't hear back for days, I think she was just busy?
with friends, family or anyone, I talk a lot and I text like I talk, its not a positive thing, its not a negative thing but it's something I need to relax on sometimes
mid July, responses completely stopped unless she was going thru something, I'd only hear back if she had issues with her room mate ( she moved into a place with her fellow students) or if she wasn't feeling good.
Otherwise, nothing.
it destroyed me but I was unreasonably attached, if I could be someone she talks to in a comparatively unfamiliar country when she's going thru something, I wanted to be there for her, even though i felt really used/ largely not cared about.
her problems grew non existent seemingly and as did our conversations, I didn't message her or anything for 2 months.
But in the back of my head, certain things she mentioned about not knowing how to talk to others, shutting herself off from the world and other similar things she'd mentioned to me in serious talks were something I thought daily, worried about someone who doesn't even talk to me anymore.
After 2 months, I gave in, I was worried, I was sad and I felt so pathetic but i messaged her.
Did i do something to upset you? we just slowly stopped talking. i hope you're doing well and {insert some long term issues of hers} are ok.
got a response very quickly.
She apologised then said that she has no clue what i wanted or why i talked to her?
and that she just doesn't know what my goal is.
and maybe we could be friends?
I didn't respond for awhile, i couldn't.
I was just blank.
Was I vague?
did I give off some impression other then the fact that I was romantically interested?
My response although it was in no way rude but it was blunt.
I told her, I liked her romantically and made my intentions clear numerous times( didn't say the following to her but thought that when i did so she responded in numerous ways all of which even with my instinct to doubt many things often, were direct interest, romantically.)
Feeling used.
I told her, I couldn't be friends with someone who'd only use me when they're suffering or otherwise ignore me.
but that even though this is how I felt, I will always be there for her if she's struggling because I care about her.
She responded that she appreciated me and was sorry, that she just isn't good with being responsive and didn't mean to be like this
I folded, pathetically so, tiny speck of hope was enough.
I told her, I stopped trying to talk to her in those 2 months in the fear of being creepy or over burdening and that if she truly meant what she said, I have no problem being the one who engages with her often, that I was similarly like that at one point in my life and that I understood.
Never responded to me.
posted about her daily adventures, pictures, status etc but never responded.
I'm thankful for it, it helped me understand without a single piece of hope to cling onto, if anything I wish she was extremely firm, harsh, rude and all that, maybe it'd have helped me move on?
but it would've be consistent with her personality or at least what I understood of her personality
and thankfully, I never tried again either, even though the last chain of messages provided me some closure, I wish I never sent those too, it made me feel very sad.
But justified or not, I never held , hold or will hold a single negative feeling towards her.
as much as it destroyed me and still continues to plague my mind, I cant say she did anything wrong, we didn't meet in person, maybe her interest vanished, maybe she never had interest, I'll never know.
What I do know that this for me, was the first instance of the COMPARATIVELY most selfless affection I've ever had for someone romantically, I want her to be happy, healthy in my life in any capacity or not.
That's the long winded story, I guess here comes the aftermath.
It's been a year since that last message, I still think about her often, not in a way where i want to contact her or have her in my life(99% of the time I don't anyway)
But in maybe the stupidest/ most pathetic way.
I worry about the times she told me how stressed and isolated she felt outside of her home country.
how scared and lonely she felt, how easily she'd shut herself in and then just feel trapped
I worry about there being no one she talks to, even though I felt used and it made me very sad, Id be used in such a way again, almost happily, almost.
I know these feelings and thoughts, they slowly rot away your personality and life and for someone who I can call the first person who i felt romantic feelings to, I don't want them to suffer, so much so that even though I wish I could forget about them, I still find my self hugging pillows to sleep.
God I hate feeling this way, but I do.
Am I fucking crazy?
too emotional?
or just normal
I don't even know why I got up at this godforsaken time to write this post in a subreddit I don't follow LOL
I hate feeling so impacted and attached to someone who's voice I never heard, someone who I never met, never hugged.
So tell me reddit, your brutal, uncensored opinions on anything I've said.
I live by the idea that when it comes to oneself, even the most aware person can be fucking clueless to the stupid/dumb/bad/weird traits they possess.
I know already how fucking weird/dumb I can be ( I don't want it to seem like a pity party, I also believe I've got some amazing traits and frankly my ego is very large most of the time HAHAHA)
so I often wonder, what things can I not see myself?
Thank you all for reading this massive fucking 1000 story tall wall of text
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2021.09.16 23:20 nismospecz Anyone start their first dev job full remote?

Long story short I started my first developer job for a mid sized company earlier this year. Initially, the project I was put on had a fantastic team of devs & lead.
Over the past 2 months, the old project lead changed positions and the company hired someone new. Additionally, 2 of the devs I used to ask questions got pulled into other projects, leaving me to work with just an offshore consultant.
As it stands, I feel a bit stranded as far as reaching out for help goes since the devs I worked with are out of the project loop now, and the new project lead seems lost (he tracks tasks, but he’s not technical).
Given my current situation, I still try and learn as much as I can on my own, but getting past roadblocks has involved me reaching out to old devs on the team and explaining the problem from scratch. I feel bad that I am taking up their time once again with a project they’re no longer a part of, but I feel stranded otherwise. I really wish I could be paired with a mentor of sorts, or someone who I am assigned to for asking questions/ shadow so I could learn more & not feel bad asking questions.
Oh yes, and during all this I have been entirely remote. Any new hire devs in a similar position? Advice? Recommendations?
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2021.09.16 23:20 lakpap multiple

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2021.09.16 23:20 jaeminds First Paycheck? (New York.)

Hey everyone! I just started as a barista recently. I started on the 9th. Is it true that Starbucks holds your check for a month? If not, when should I expect to get paid? Is it tomorrow since it’s weekly pay here in New York?
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2021.09.16 23:20 WartimeHotTot LPT: Young men: grow your hair long at least one time and learn how to wear it/care for it.

Many of you are rolling your eyes. That's ok. Many of you think that long hair is feminine. Perhaps. Though this is only in recent history. For most of the past 50 millennia, men probably had long hair. In any case, there will come a time (and statistically it will come soon for many of you), when that is no longer an option. Your hair will thin. Many of you will go bald.
When I was in HS, I grew out my hair, but I had no idea how to care for it, so it never looked good, and no one taught me that different products/routines made a huge difference. I would wash every day with shampoo, no conditioner, and just towel dry. I had very thick, voluminous, Mediterranean hair that I would kill to have now, but since I didn't know what I was doing, it didn't look good, and I cut it very soon after growing it out.
During COVID, I grew it out. I learned what I was doing. It's nowhere near the majesty that it could have been in my younger days, but it still looks good, and I get lots of compliments on it. I think I look a little better with short hair, but that's ok. I had that same haircut for like 25 years. The change was good, and I can always go back. So can you.
You can look great with long hair. Just figure out how to do it. You don't have a lot of time. Do it at least once. It's your birthright.
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2021.09.16 23:20 lakpap multiple

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2021.09.16 23:20 ibemini Pitoa - Nous livrons Generatrice à Pitoa. Importation pour Pitoa Cameroun #Generatrice #Groupe #Electrogene #GroupeElectrogene #Pitoa #Cameroun

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2021.09.16 23:20 JamesBest254 Valheim - How To Get Thunder Stone And Use The Obliterator

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2021.09.16 23:20 YTLinkerBot New iPhone 13 Will Require Vaccination To Unlock Screen

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2021.09.16 23:20 Boondock_Bandit H: Treasure Hunter & Ult. Emergency Protocols plans. W: Caps Offers & 10k for UEP.

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2021.09.16 23:20 JustTheRealNews House Foreign Affairs Committee Republicans Announce New Press Secretary

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2021.09.16 23:20 launchwall-bot 🚀 New UniCrypt presale on BSC detected: $KMO

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2021.09.16 23:20 90sgrungechick [For Hire] Resumes, cover letters, and more!

I've been freelance writing for nearly 10 years and have been running my own writing business for 3.
I specialize in resumes, cover letters, business proposals, and LinkedIn profiles. However, I am quite versatile. I have written articles, website content, speeches, advertisements, blogs, book reviews, proofreading, and much more. One big ongoing project I currently have going on is my first grant writing job.
My prices vary depending on the project, but some are set, such as:
Resumes: Depending on amount of work anywhere from $25-$100
Cover letters: $25
Proposals: $50
LinkedIn profiles: $40
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