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2021.09.16 23:14 teehee6969696969 update

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2021.09.16 23:14 genowod E

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2021.09.16 23:14 harleysapphire Lsat Flex

For ppl having taken the lsat online, I noticed that it says we can’t leave the room from the beginning to end of the test. Does that apply to breaks?
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2021.09.16 23:14 Isabela_duffles [FOR HIRE] Icon/Token commissions, dm me for more information

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2021.09.16 23:14 defreebiebuddy 7.5ft Big Christmas Tree Storage Bag $42, FREE FOR AMAZON USA PRODUCT TESTERS, DM Me If You Are Interested

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2021.09.16 23:14 Pirate-Andy University of St. Thomas is looking to hire folks for the Dining Services department

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2021.09.16 23:14 Greedy-Task9174 This video NEEDS more views! I NEED to be able to change the title! (and not be depressed) But most importantly CHANGE THE TITLE!!!!!!!

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2021.09.16 23:14 SuckMaAlmonds What does it mean when a girl says “Can i think about it” after asking her out?

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2021.09.16 23:14 cryptoples Elon Musk Tells Jack Dorsey “Crypto” Is His Safe Word

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2021.09.16 23:14 Breakleaf It’s The 2021 Italian GP but Every Corner there’s a Mistake

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2021.09.16 23:14 toddfather513 Finally heard something good on Howard today.

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2021.09.16 23:14 TacitlyDaft Mike Wright and Tony La Russa just got tossed after Wright hit Ohtani in the 9th

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2021.09.16 23:14 minorsecond Would anyone in Colorado be willing to do SOTA or POTA with me?

I’m in Aurora and am wanting to do SOTA or POTA. I’ve never done it before and am nervous I won’t get it right. Would anyone be willing to go with me and show me the ropes?
I plan on bringing my FT818 and SOTA beams EFHW, if that helps. Probably operating digital and phone.
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2021.09.16 23:14 crossingthoseanimals Supply list for tank upgrade

Hello. I’m switching my Leo from his 20L to an exo terra 40 gal.
His current set up is quite bland so I was hoping y’all could give me some items you have in your geckos homes that you (and they!) love.
For larger scale heating I’d love know what lighting, heat pads, deep heat projectors, thermostats, and dimmers y’all use!
Also, if anyone has ideas on how to add vertical components to his tank so he has more to do than lay on the floor that would be great :)
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2021.09.16 23:14 dhwinthrop August LSAT-Flex Scoring Scale

Just got my score back and i got a 158. My diagnostic was a 160 and then I never got below a 162 on any of my PTs afterward. My PT average was closer to ~166/167.
What the hell? I didn’t even feel like this was one of the harder tests I’ve taken. I see a lot of people feeling the same on the subreddit but I’m not sure if that’s just a biased sample since most people will post to complain. Either way something seems so off? According to power score scale from May 2020, 158= -24/-25. I was consistently getting -6 on RC but let’s just say I got -10 on the real thing. LG I felt was extremely easy and a -3 at max if we’re gonna be tough. That’s -13 total meaning I got -11/-12 on LR. This just doesn’t make much sense to me unless the scoring scale got tougher. This is so screwed up
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2021.09.16 23:14 alvinkazachkov Best type of shoe for dirt path ultra marathon?

Running my first ultra at the brazos bend 100 in December. The trails are all flat and described as dirt roads and horse trails with some pounded down rock too. See mixing opinions on what shoes to wear, road or trail. I plan on sticking with hoka. Currently use the rincons or Mach 4s but would likely purchase either the speedgoat 4s or torrent 2 of people think trail shoes are necessary. Let me know your thoughts! I have never ran in anything but road. Thanks!
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2021.09.16 23:14 Cat4tauRadical Is anyone else having a issue where the gane doesn't play music when synchronizing?

I play on Xbox Series X and started to get this bug at some point in the snotinghamscire arc
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2021.09.16 23:14 JackTurner931 Dr Pepper is better then Coke and Pepsi. Prove me wrong?

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2021.09.16 23:14 anthony_joh Any risk of the engine getting too hot with a rad guard installed?

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2021.09.16 23:14 Shlongzilla69 Heat treated versus non treated debitage and points

Title says it all, this is a topic that I don’t know as much about as I’d like. Does anyone have any resources to help explain or show how to tell if something has been heat treated? Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.16 23:14 MaterialRelation8562 Tutoring- Anyone interested in tutoring from a straight grade nine student please DM me

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2021.09.16 23:14 3Vishal What is your favorite dad joke?

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2021.09.16 23:14 DamnDawg777 Red Dress

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2021.09.16 23:14 Thor-Cap1998 Does anyone know if this is worth anything? Paid £2 for it, it’s an 1872 republica mexicana coin

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2021.09.16 23:14 dainegleesac690 Diorama in a box :)

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